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What your Neighbours Say about us

Sherry Firth
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Very professional business. They came and looked at our scrap and paid us on the spot. They took it all and left the farm very clean. We actually had more than they accounted for and they sent us another cheque for the remainder. Very impressed. Would definitely use them again. Highly recommend if you have scrap to clean out.
Justine Hetherington
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It was super easy and quick to get a response from this company. All the staff I dealt with were friendly and respectful. I wish I knew about this company a few years ago when we had more metal. Couldn’t be happier and highly recommend. Thanks to the Trugreen Crew 🙏🏻👍🏻
Bill Manary
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TruGreen removed our old unused farm machinery quickly and efficiently and left the area totally cleaned up. They even paid us prior to coming out. We highly recommend them if you have scrap metal to be removed.
Glen Griffin
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The crew that cleaned up our place was efficient, conscientious, meticulous, and professional. They were great to work with and went above and beyond to do a perfect job!!!! Thanks guys!!!!
Gord Hangs
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Great bunch of guys. They were professional, polite and knew their equipment very well. We even showed them our local restaurant that night so they could have a good meal and a place to park the semi's.
Darren Kusch
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Lee and his crew did an excellent job cleaning up my property. They were in and out in less then a day. In addition, I was paid well in advance.
Daryl Black
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great guys good work cleaned up yard better than it was .best guys to get to remove any scrap you have honest company to have do the work
Christy Griffin
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Fantastic service. Everyone I interacted with was respectful, efficient, professional and excellent at their respective jobs. I would confidently recommend this company to anyone
Paige Jalbert
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Fast, as promised, no hassle, cheque in the mail.
Arnold Reimer
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Efficient, fast and clean. they do what they say
Sheryl Ehman
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TruGreen Metal Recycling collected and hauled away scrap metal from our farm. They were organized and strategic with the process. The crew (the J's) was very approachable, professional, and ensured that we were satisfied with the result. I would highly recommend this company!!
Terri Cole
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We were extremely happy with the service that TruGreen provided to us. They paid us right away and came back for our scrap when we were not busy farming. They kept in touch and made sure to adjust the schedule around weather as well.


At TruGreen Metal Recycling we pay upfront cash for your scrap metal. How much we pay depends on the following factors:

  • Amount: There must be enough material to cover the minimum costs of doing the cleanup. More volume = better price.

  • Type of material: Metal is sold by product type and grade and different types require more or less processing to get them loaded and sold.

  • Accessibility:  Is the material all in one area? Is it spread out over 3 sections? Is it in the bush? etc. The amount of time a cleanup will take factors in greatly when doing a quote for your scrap. For example 50 tons all in a row will go for quite a bit more than 50 tons spread out over 25 miles and 4 yards.

  • Freight:  Distance to the nearest mill where the material will be delivered affects the price we can pay for the scrap.
Once the estimator has factored in these variables, they will cut a check to you the same day. When the crews arrive, they will load the equipment into super b scrap trailers using a skid steer and an excavator with a demo grapple and a magnet and haul the scrap metal away.
Some scrap metal companies leave behind non-metallic debris, bits of metal and tires scattered all over your yard. Although it is unavoidable to have some debris in the removal process, the respectful TruGreen Metal Recycling staff will neatly pile the debris for you to dispose of.
On most jobs, we do not do any torching or cutting on your land. In the rare case when it is required we have proper protocols in place to ensure we mitigate any risk of fire.
We are in and out in one day on most jobs, and once you do a thorough walk around with our crew when they arrive they’ve got it from there so we don’t have to tie up any more of your time until the final walk around at the end of the job.