Responsible Scrap Metal Handling in the Oil & Gas Industry

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In Canada’s oil and gas sector, responsible scrap metal handling isn’t just a practical solution; it’s a reflection of industry values. TruGreen Metal Recycling leads the charge in promoting responsible scrap metal removal, offering safe, thorough cleanups that foster profitability and support a circular economy.

Recycling oilfield scrap metal has numerous benefits for both the environment and the bottom line. By reducing waste, generating revenue, complying with regulations, and demonstrating corporate social responsibility, companies can improve their operations and reputation. It’s essential to prioritize recycling practices to promote sustainability and contribute to a more environmentally responsible future.

TruGreen Metal purchases and removes retired oilfield equipment, tanks, machinery, pipe and other scrap metal. Our full service crews are fast, vetted and dependable.



Work Disruptions:

Bringing in cleanup crews for scrap metal can disrupt ongoing oilfield activities. Finding crews that can operate without slowing down operations is a challenge.

Safety and Compliance:

Ensuring safety and meeting environmental rules raises concerns when working with cleanup crews.


Entrusting an external team with vital work requires reliability and trust.

Streamlined Operations:

Using specialized tools like excavators and magnets, TruGreen’s crews work alongside ongoing operations, minimizing disruptions while being mindful of the work area.

Safety Focus:

TruGreen’s vetted and reliable crews are trained for safety and closely follow rules, alleviating worries for oilfield companies.

Dependable Service:

With a track record of 8,000+ satisfied customers, TruGreen earns trust by consistently delivering reliable cleanup services.

Significance of Responsible Scrap Metal Handling in Oilfields

Environmental Commitment: Responsible scrap metal handling showcases a dedication to sustainability and reducing waste.

Community Trust: Demonstrating responsible practices builds trust with the communities where operations occur, fostering goodwill.

Industry Standards: Adhering to responsible handling sets higher industry standards, showcasing professionalism and proactive waste management.

TruGreen’s Role in Promoting Responsible Scrap Metal Handling

TruGreen Metal Recycling spearheads responsible scrap metal handling with:

Practical Solutions: Offering efficient cleanup solutions that ensure responsible disposal and recycling, minimizing environmental impact.

Safety and Compliance: Upholding stringent safety measures and environmental compliance, aligning with industry expectations and regulations.

Scrap Metal Management for Sustainable Excellence

Responsible scrap metal handling isn’t merely a task; it’s an opportunity for the oilfield sector to showcase dedication to sustainability, community, and high standards. 

TruGreen Metal Recycling’s commitment to these practices sets a benchmark for responsible waste management, emphasizing the industry’s devotion to environmental stewardship, community welfare, and excellence.

Every 2000 lbs of metal we recycle, conserves:

  • 2,500 lbs of Iron Ore
  • 1,400 lbs of Coal
  • 120 lbs of Limestone

resources required to make one tonne of steel